Friday, September 3, 2010

Tidbits and linkspam

I cannot, cannot wait for Never Let Me Go, which is getting rave reviews out of Telluride. But I have no idea why it is being released in September. It seems like such a December movie.

Early Screenplay picks

Women rule the art house

The rise of self-awareness in film

DIY Labor day fest


I love Charlie Day. I'd almost consider seeing Going the Distance for him alone.

10 things the fall fests should say about the awards race

An article about the expansion of VOD

Guess the Lionsgate Horror Film (I get - 1- Saw 5, 4- Saw 3, 5 - The Last Exorcism, 6- Saw 2, 8- Captivity, 9- A Haunting in Connecticut, 10-Skinwalkers, 11- Daybreakers, 12-The Descent, 13- My Bloody Valentine. Which leaves 2- Hostel 2, 3- Saw, 7 - Saw 6, 14 - Hostel 2 as guesses. 11/14, mostly mixing up the various Saws...)

This is my favorite thing of the week: Now we'll just paint a happy little spartan over here.

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