Thursday, September 23, 2010


The Kalamity trailer. The write up of which includes this line; "And what do you think of Nick Stahl Investigating Murders Possibly Committed by His Friends movies in general?" Is that a genre now?

You remember that film I was talking about? Red, White and Blue? Trailer's up. You should watch it (both the trailer and the film).

Also also - I never went to see Robin Hood, because I'm pretty sure I would have stood up and screamed this in the theater (this comes courtesy of the lovely Cleolinda): "'Robin Hood' Star Kevin Durand Has Heard Sequel 'Rumblings.' OH WELL WILL IT NOT BE A PREQUEL THIS TIME? DAMN. I am possibly the only person on this journal right now who saw that movie, and the more I think about it, the more I WANT MY MONEY BACK. They tried to get King John to sign the Magna Carta (!) and he SET IT ON FIRE and then, THEN, THEN they went to hide out in Sherwood Forest in THE LAST THIRTY SECONDS OF THE MOVIE. Before that the movie was all about the Crusades and pretending to be Cate Blanchett's husband because it suddenly went all Martin Guerre up in there and the Sheriff of Nottingham did NOTHING and then there was A BATTLE ON THE BEACH because WHAT? BEACH? JUST MAKE YOUR GODDAMN MOVIE ABOUT A GODDAMN GUY COMING BACK FROM THE CRUSADES AND DON'T CALL IT "ROBIN HOOD," GODDAMN." (Previously here and here)

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