Friday, June 29, 2012

Best uses of music in tv last year

Whoo! Okay - there still aren't enough musicals on to have all choreographed numbers (special bits from Scrubs, Buffy, HIMYM aside...). SO this is both numbers and soundtracks in tv in the last year.

First up - Glee. The only thing they still do well occasionally.
Smooth Criminal

Cough Syrup. Awww. That was so awful.

Rumor Has It/Someone Like You No video, I'm afraid.
Let It Snow

September Song. The best moment of season 1. Thank you, Anjelica. (It starts at 18:07 if Hulu decides to embed the entire episode)

Don't Say Yes Until I've Finished Talking. This is not up, so here's Another Op'nin instead.

And the rest:
Tonight You Belong to Me - Patience and Prudence - Pilot, American Horror Story
At Least It Was Here - The 88, Community finale

(also Daybreak by Michael Haggins

Kiss from a Rose

And Roxanne.)

Got to Help Me - Tim Gearan - Slaughterhouse, Justified. I can't find this. Just go watch Justified again. It's worth it. :)
Get on the Road - Tired Pony, Just Like the Pilgrims Intended (211), Shameless. This was a rough season of Shameless, and this song, playing after Karen's baby is born, sums that up. (Also Damage Control by Chris Pureka, which is the kitchen scene in the finale).
Most of the music in Homeland is jazz for Carrie and... meh. Not my thing.
1977 - Ana Tijoux in Shotgun (405), Breaking Bad.

Other good songs on Breaking Bad are Truth by Alexander in Box Cutter (401), Tidal Wave by Thee Oh Sees in Salud (410), and Freestyle by the Taalbi Borthers and Black by Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi (ft. Norah Jones) in Face Off (413).

Since I only just watched Dollhouse last year, how about Remains from Epitaph One (113)? Or, I just saw Misfits, so Girl, You'll be a Woman Soon by Urge Overkill (102 - NSFW). That was stuck in my head for days...

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