Thursday, June 21, 2012

Top movie songs (part 3) - the musicals

Yes, with a lot of overlap from previous musical song postings. But this is specifically movie musical versions. Just think! Soon we'll be able to add Les Mis to this! (And American Idiot?)

Honorable mentions:
America - West Side Story
Seize the Day - Newsies. Ah, just think what it would become
Bound to You - Burlesque. The movie is terrible. But it's a pretty song. 
Lullaby of Broadway - Gold Diggers of 1935
Hernando's Hideaway - The Pajama Game
Cell Block Tango - Chicago
One - A Chorus Line
On the Street Where You Live - My Fair Lady
Flesh Failures/Let the Sun Shine In - Hair. You know SMASH made me realize why Hair sometimes doesn't work in certain productions. (You can't end a musical on a suicide... She died!) It is hard to transition from Claude/Berger's death to Let the Sun Shine In. I think the movie does it well.  
You're the One that I Want - Grease
One Night Only - Dreamgirls
Midnight Radio - Hedwig & the Angry Inch. Okay - I ADORE this song on the musical soundtrack. I don't quite like the final version for the film as mich.
A Little Priest - Sweeney Todd (even if they did cut a few verses)
Springtime for Hitler - The Producers (HI CAP'N JACK!)
Suddenly Seymour - Little Shop of Horrors
Fame - Fame
Out Tonight/Another Day - the filmed Rent. It's not going in the top 10, since it isn't the movie, but... well. You know. 

Top 10:
10. Sit Down John - 1776
9. Time Warp - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

8. Trouble - The Music Man
7. And the Money Kept Rolling In - Evita (I know I change up my favorite about every time I talk about Evita. Today it is this scene. Hel-LO 2:31)

6. Roxanne - Moulin Rouge
5. I Want You - Across the Universe. My favorite song off the soundtrack is Helter Skelter, because GODDAMN. But it is hard to hear the way it is used in the film (both times) and this is one of my favorite stagings in the film. Plus I love the seen at the end (HI BOYD!)

4. Mein Herr - Cabaret

3. Make 'Em Laugh - Singin' in the Rain

2. Old Man River - Showboat

1. Over the Rainbow - The Wizard of Oz

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