Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cirque and linkspam

I like circuses. Like, a LOT. I like everything about them, even the parts that don't exist anymore, like barkers.

"Step right up! You won't believe your eyes! Hurry hurry hurry! You've never seen anything like it!"

It isn't often you actually don't believe your eyes. But there was a slack rope act in Ovo that I saw yesterday that I literally do not understand. The physics didn't make sense. The girl sitting next me actually said, "that's not possible" out loud. Go see it for yourself.

The show overall wasn't Cirque's best, but it was mostly good. There was a great hand-balancing act, good juggling from a bunch of Chinese girls, good contortionists /acro-sporters, a totally cool dancing slinky thing that I don't understand, a fantastic Spanish web act (I love arialists) and the tumbling finale, which was absolutely spectacular. The diabolos act wasn't particularly good, nor was the trapeze. Something actually went wrong there. In addition to one girl falling, it became rapidly apparent that there was supposed to be more to the act and that they cut it short. It was weird.


More on that hideous blue dress.

Summer 2010. Well - I still need to catch up on the tail end of things, but it's about that time to wrap up and move on. And, I think we can all agree, not a moment too soon. The best of this summer were mostly the smaller indie flicks, and fall will bring many more of those. In terms of studio flicks? Iron Man 2 was okay, I might have enjoyed Prince of Persia for being campy, but I missed it, Splice got enough mixed reviews that I may check it out on DVD, I was sad that both the A Team and Jonah Hex reportedly sucked, Predators was awesome, Inception was brilliant, Salt was alright, and I have yet to see Scott Pilgrim or the Last Exorcism.

Oscars may move to Monday. Not that I see that it makes much of a difference. Either one is a week night, so guests don't drink much and leave early. I guess a Monday means less food prep time.

The 33 must see fall films
I'm most excited for Tree of Life (please come out... please come out...), Black Swan, Blue Valentine, the Illusionist, Never Let Me Go (why isn't this coming out later?), The Tempest, Buried, possibly Let Me In. Hey! Where's Conviction?

Ha! I've already seen Tiny Furniture, I Love You Philip Morris and Marwencol. Marwencol is well worth seeing. Tiny Furniture is good if you're a recent college grad. I Love You Philip Morris is odd, but pretty good. A DVD wait maybe.

Oh, look. It's my life.

Test your geek knowledge

Scrollover geeking: [Ed note - crap! With my new design I can't hide text anymore. Don't peek if you want to test your own abilities first.]

I get Star Wars/ Blade Runner & Battlestar Galactica/ Clockwork Orange & _____ & Tron/ Gattacca & ____ & _____ & _____/ _____ & Avatar & Matrix & _____ & _____
From here on out, I see Star Trek, Stargate, Buffy, ET, A different Star Trek?, TMNT, I thought that hawk thing was Serenity?, Jurassic Park, Metropolis. Ah no - the thing is from Quake. Oh shit - it's not Gattacca, it's Terminator. That's right. What - no Lost or Farscape?

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