Sunday, August 29, 2010

Emmys postmortem

[Ed note: update - I just realized that half of the dress links are no longer working because the slideshow shifted around or something. However, everything that directs to yahoo tv will be somewhere in that slideshow.]

Dresses - the good:
Jane Lynch, Lea Michele (although hon - that pose looks uncomfortable), Christina Hendricks, Tina Fey, Dianna Agorn, Jayma Mays (I think that is my favorite gown of the night), Kyra Sedgwick, Susan Sarandon, Besty Brandt (runner up), Heather Morris, Jennifer Carpenter, Maura Tierney.

The middling: Clare Danes looked fabulous, but her dress didn't quite move with her. It ended up looking like the martian girl in Mars Attacks. (And what was with how she said David Strathairn?) Also Emily Blunt, Glenn Close (scroll down) and Toni Collette. Rutina Wesley - great dress, bad hair. Jane Krakowski - without that hip ruffle, I would love it.

The bad: Julia Ormond, Emily Deschanel, Padma Lakshmi, Kristin Wiig, Anna Paquin, Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian, Lauren Graham, Rita Wilson and Keri Russell. Naya Rivera and Mindy Kaling both came in from an 80s prom. Also - Rose Byrne's hair (bride of Frankenstein in the house!), and Julie Benz's makeup - I couldn't tell it was her in most pictures (gorgeous dress, though).

The godawful: January Jones.

[ETA: the charmingly debonair: Alan Cumming]

Thoughts on the show:

The opening number was fantastic. I loved it. Yay for having a host who comes from a skit background.

I realized part way through the show that every time Parenthood commercials came on, I kept confusing Peter Krause for Garret Dillahunt.

I thought Juliana Marguiles had a tattoo? Yup - she did, at least (scroll way down)

YEAH AARON PAUL!!! Tell me this isn't the best photo of the night. It was the one category I was really rooting for (other than best drama - *SNIFF*). Yay!

As for most of the wins...

Oh Community. Your sad product placement commercials keep reminding me of how overlooked you are.

Ricky Gervais - hilarious.

On that note - waiters? Don't offer beer to those who have been through rehab (like Matthew Perry).

I bet if Patrick Stewart had won, he wouldn't have babbled on about teachers incoherently. Thanks, David Strathairn.

Jewel? Wha.... oh. oh you sing really pretty.

Jimmy Fallon as Elton John/ Boys II Men/ Billie Joe Armstrong. So hilarious.

Clearly they thought Christina Hendricks would win, since Nathan Fillion was up there presenting for supporting actress in a drama.

Oh Michael Sheen. Someone needs to make a special Tony Blair award for you.

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