Monday, August 9, 2010

Linkspam roundup

The Trailer Tragedy of Alice Creed. I'm so glad someone wrote this up. I've been reading a number of interesting interviews with Gemma Arterton, but I feel as if I already know what happens in the movie because of the trailer. It killed any interest in the film for me. It isn't quite as gratuitous as The Town, but it is close.

So, remember how I was talking about long delays for films being released? I recently saw the trailer for Colin Fitz Lives! and thought it looked interesting. Yeah, it turns out it premiered at Sundance in 1997. It currently available On Demand. (Not quite as long, but a film due to premiere the week after 9/11 finally showed up on tv).

Step Up 3-D. Is it wrong that I kind of want to see this? I figure it must be like Avatar; crap story but fun to watch. (2 articles about the film; a leap forward for musicals and an interview with the director). Plus - bonus Home and Away connection!

Is it wrong that these make me excited for Captain America? My favorite one.

*sigh* I'm going to miss Doc Jensen. I mean, I miss Lost more....

Speaking of which.... (although I'd like to go on record here and say that I was a huge fan of how it all wrapped up and the series as a whole. Although it always could have used more Desmond. Yes, I'm a big fan of his post S2 finale essay (#4).)

I love that they picked the transbay terminal design with the park on top. It is going to be gorgeous. I liked one of the other tower designs better, but at least we won't end up with the hideous red orange spiky thing.

Modern rom-coms are neither.

Fun trailers here. I really like the one for Amer.

Wooooo Sam Rockwell
! Ummm, maybe? Please don't let this be another Gentleman Broncos.

Cillian Murphy in talks for I'm.mortal. Does this mean I have to go see something with Justin Timberlake in it?

Lipless zombie girl!

No. No, no, NO. I'm sorry, but if she doesn't "possess a visible understanding of what it means to be homeless, penniless, strung out, and dying of a terrifying disease" then she doesn't work as Mimi.

Hey, it's me.

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