Friday, August 6, 2010

Wishful Outings

Can I mention that I would like to be made of money?

That tends to always be a true statement, but I'm noticing it particularly at the moment, given that everyone and their mother is out touring, given the bad economy.

Upcoming shows in Boston include Janelle Monae, Jimmy Eat World, Flyleaf, Scissor Sisters, Ra Ra Riot, Evelyn Evelyn at the IG Noble awards, and Cirque du Soliel's new show. And so on and so forth.

See - I want the money for noble purposes! To give it away to artists!

I tried my best to get tickets to the new production of Angels in America at the Signature Theatre Company but all the dates till December sold out in about an hour and a half flat (I was trying to load the webpage that whole time). It's probably a good thing for my budget, but wildly disappointing otherwise.

I'm going to have half an hour Sunday evening to make it to the Brattle for the only showing of the restored Metropolis I'm free for. Add to that screenings of Agora, I am Love, Cache, The Lives of Others, Farewell, the noir double Deature, 4 months 3 weeks and 2 days, wanting to see Inception in IMAX, plus Animal Kingdom and Scott Pilgrim opening this weekend and..... I'm totally not going to catch all of these.

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